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Dual Enrollment provides qualified high school students the opportunity to take college classes while still enrolled in high school. High school students may apply for Central Carolina Technical College (CCTC) Dual Enrollment online. Students can choose the form of Dual Enrollment that best meets their goals; University Transfer Track, Early College, and Career and Technical Education.

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Types of Dual Enrollment at CCTC

1. University Transfer Track

These students take two or more university core classes each semester for transfer to a four-year institution after high school.

2. Early College

These students are degree-seeking dual-enrolled students. They work to complete their Associate in Arts or Associate in Science before their high school graduation date.

3. Career and Technical Education (CTE)

These students seek certificates or degrees from the Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs offered at CCTC. CTE students can be workforce ready at the completion of a CTE certificate or degree.

What is Career and Technical Education (CTE) Dual Enrollment? Career and Technical Education (CTE) Dual Enrollment gives high school students access to college majors and certificates that provide students with the knowledge and skills needed in the workforce. Today, more than ever, local industries want to hire entry-level employees who can hit the ground running. Through hands-on learning in Central Carolina Technical College programs and certificates, CTE Dual Enrollment students could be career-ready and credentialed by high school graduation.


  • Shorten the overall time spent in college
  • May improve high school GPA
  • Experience college expectations
  • Make a smooth transition from a secondary to a post-secondary institution
  • Have a two-year degree or certificate completed by high school graduation

Placement Requirements

Students have options for placing into the CCTC Dual Enrollment program:

  1. Transcript Placement
  2. PSAT/SAT, PreACT/ACT scores
  3. Next Generation Accuplacer Test

To learn more about placement requirements, contact the CCTC Dual Enrollment Team.

College Transfer Credits

To learn about the transferability of credits, please contact the CCTC Dual Enrollment Team for additional information on the following:

Larissa Walkes, CCTC Student
Larissa Walkes
Criminal Justice Technology
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Joel Stephens
Early Childhood Development
Lauren CTE Welding Student
Lauren Robson
Welding Technology